About us

Mission Statement - Vision - Values Yucatek Divers

At Yucatek Divers our mission is the pursuit of excellence in the sport of diving by doing what we love and by loving what we do. We are fun loving professionals that find it difficult at times to distinguish between our work and our play. We share a passion for the underwater world and are committed to our vision of being the number one dive operater in the Riviera Maya. To succeed in our mission and to fullfill our vision we are dedicated and committed to the following:

Consummate customer satisfaction

We believe that customer satisfaction begins with recognizing that each individual is special and unique. Our clients are as diverse as the regions around the world from which they come. After listening to our customers to gain an understanding of their experience, abilities, and desires, we offer diving programs and educational courses designed to exceed their expectations.

Teamwork and empowerment

We believe in the ultimate power of enthusiastic people working together towards a common goal by utilizing their individual strengths and by appreciating the perspective of each member our internationally diverse workforce. We strive to empower our people by encouraging particiption in the decision making processes that affect their work and by supporting educational opportunities for growth and self improvement.

Quality and safety

We believe that quality and safety go hand and hand and that their pursuit is a never ending journey of continous improvement. We are dedicated to unsurpassed quality in all that we do by complying with or exceeding the highest standards set in the dive industry for education and safety.


We believe that a committmnt to the preservation of our environment requires active participation and sponsorship of projects and educational programs that promote the conservation of our fragil and precious marine environment.

Core values

We believe in cultivating a culture to permeate throughout our entire business of people caring for people. All our relationships will exhibit a human kindness that embodies honesty, trust, mutual respect and dignity.