Cenote diving

Discover the Mayan Mysteries

DosOjos   Angelita   Tajmaha
The largest underground river system in the world, the "d'zenots" in Maya, "cenotes" in Spanish, is the main attraction for scuba divers visiting the Yucatan Peninsula. Centuries ago, rain water on its way to the Caribbean Sea formed cavities in the limestone of the Yucatan Peninsula by hollowing out caves, creating fantastic formations. When parts of the caves grew too large, their ceiling collapsed and cenotes and sinkholes were formed.
The cenotes, which are distributed in the jungle like pearls, are the doors to an incredible underwater world, providing the best cave and cavern diving imaginable. With water as clear as air the visibility is unbelievable as the diver glides through a color-filled fantasy world. The gentle current and mild water temperature (about 75º F / 24º C) create a perfect underwater environment for divers of all experience levels which offers endless opportunities for spectacular underwater photography. Yucatek Divers provides the highest quality equipment and professional training required to ensure the ultimate diving experience.
Unlike cave diving, which demands advanced technical training and highly specialized gear, cavern diving requires only an Open Water certification. Guided by an experienced cave diver, you will venture up to 180' / 60 meters into the caverns staying within sight of daylight.