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Worldwide excellence. With this promise we would like to introduce ourselves!

As a member of an association made up of several international dive centres, our main concern and highest priority is to offer you much more than 'just' diving. We want you to be totally satisfied and to rest assured that all our partners will give you their premier service as well as focus on the highest quality and safety standards.

In our professional manner we will assist you with all your wishes. Whether it's luxury accommodation, competent, highly experienced and friendly staff, quality service or the rental of first-rate dive gear, we can help provide all of these pieces, and more, of the puzzle that will make your stay unforgettable.

If you have always dreamed of visiting new dive destinations but haven't been able to access in-depth information on certain places then we can assure you that the association can offer specifics on its top quality dive centres. It's always good to know that all your needs will be anticipated and that the dive centre is serious about safety and quality. You can be sure to receive the finest service and that your dive holiday will be both relaxed and full of fun.