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Hyperbaric chamber
Playa del Carmen's recompression center is the ONLY DAN referal facility and Alarm Center. It is your professional full service recompression center. We are staffed by bilingual Hyperbaric Certified physicians who are on call 24 hours per day. Our English Speaking Doctors can be reached at all times by VHF Radio. Our center is supported almost entirely by donators of visiting divers who pay $ 1 USD per diving day to their affiliated dive facility.
If you have no other insurance carrier, your treatment is completely covered by your $ 1 per day policy. You are welcome to stop by and inspect our facilities anytime, during normal working hours, 8 am to 8 pm daily. Our services include, emergency and non emergency care for diving injury, ENT and primary care, 54" diameter double lock hyperbaric chamber with closed circuit TV monitoring, emergency treatment room with defibrillators, EKG, incubation, ventilators, surgery facility, oxygen, IV´s, X rays, patient recovery room, ambulance services and air ambulance facility.