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APSA is the Riviera Maya's Association of Dive and Water Sports Operators. As APSA members, we are business professionals dedicated and committed to ensuring your safety, providing quality service, and preserving our precious environment.

APSA members have been responsible for setting the performance and safety standards for the Riviera Maya dive industry. Your safety, as well as our own, has always been a top priority. APSA was responsible for developing a training and certification program which is now a mandatory requirement for all cavern and cave guides. APSA members are also affiliated with the modern SSS Recompression Chamber Network facility located in Playa del Carmen which specializes in the treatment of dive related injuries and emergency medical care.

APSA is dedicated in the conservation and preservation of our unique and very fragile environment. We staff a committee that works closely with local as well as federal agencies in an effort to safeguard our marine life, reefs, and our extensive subterranean fresh water cavern system. Whether organizing a simple beach cleanup or petitioning the federal government to designate our reefs as federally protected marine sanctuaries, be assured that APSA remains vigilant on environmental issues.

When you choose an APSA member as your dive operator, you may be confident that above the water as well as below, you will be in the company of dive professionals committed to your satisfaction and safety. Whether you are considering that first plunge below the surface or perhaps some advanced technical training there really are no other options - Choose wisely. Choose APSA

When you dive with APSA you dive with the best.
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