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Cenote diving


Kukulkan1 kukulkan2

Located at about twenty minutes drive from Playa del Caremn. A cavern with lots of natural light and big open spaces. Many fossils of corals are embedded in the walls. Very good place for beginning cavern divers.

Halocline at 11 meters/35 ft. Maximum depth 15 meters/50 ft

Chac Mool
ChacMool1 ChacMool2

The highlight of this cavern is a very decorated area with a dome of air where we can surface. In the dome of air you may find whip scorpions, a species endemic to the caves in Mexico.

Halocline at 11 meters/35 ft. Maximum depth 15 meters/50 ft

Ponderosa / El Eden
ElEden1 ElEden2

Ponderosa is a very big cavern that connects with cenote El Coral. Lots of plant live along the main guideline from El Coral. This creates spectacular effects with the sunlight coming in. Lots of fish in the open water area.

Halocline at 11 meters/35 ft. Maximum depth 13 meters/45 ft

Tajmaha1 Tajmaha2

This cenote has it all! Big rooms with beautiful decorations, natural light that due to refraction looks like laser beams, and an air dome full of bats.

Halocline at 11 meters/35 ft. Maximum depth 15 meters/50 ft.

Dos Ojos
DosOjos1 DosOjos2

Dos Ojos is one of the biggest caverns in the area, where it is possible to make two dives. First dive offers big columns with natural light along the whole dive. Second dive goes to the bat cave area. Little darker, but with fantastic, all white decorations. Very fragile, so good buoyancy control is a must. 

No halocline. Maximum depth on dive 18 meters/ 26 ft. Second dive: maximum 11 meters/35 ft.

Calavera / Tempel of Doom
ToD1 ToD2

The entry for this cavern consists of a 12 ft jump in to the water. Lots and lots of halocline!! Cavern line goes around 180 degrees. Cave enter on either side of the cavern line.

Sac Actun / Gran Cenote 
GranC1 GranC2

Cavern line goes around 180 degrees. Absolutely fabulous cavern. Many very fragile completely white decorations.

No halocline. Maximum depth 11 meters/ 33 ft.

Aktun Ha / Carwash
Carwash1 Carwash2

This cavern contains no permanent line, so your guide will install one for the duration of the dive. Big decorations stained by tannic acid, with a wide open cavern enter. A must for photographers!

No halocline. Maximum depth 16 meters/ 53 ft.

Angelita1 Angelita2

Once in a lifetime experience!!

This cenote is a sinkhole with a maximum depth of 60 meters/200 ft. Halocline at 33 meters/ 100 ft.
Hydrogen sulfur layer in the halocline, because of decaying plant life on the bottom of the cenote. A little spooky, so experienced divers only!!!!3